Episode 3 – Dying Light First Impressions and Open World Games

dyinglightAre we dying to play more Dying Light? Find out on this week’s episode! We also talk about what we’ve been playing and hold a discussion on the future of open world games.

  • Intro
  • What We’ve Been Playing:
    • Alex: Destiny (0:00:55)
    • Bryan: Destiny, Hearthstone, Star Bound, Don’t Starve, FTLGTA Online (0:04:07)
    • Jon: The Last of UsThe SwapperGuacamelee (0:14:17)
  • First Impressions
    • Dying Light (0:15:55)
  • Extended Discussion:
    •  Do open world games need to change? (0:44:30)
  • Outro (1:00:30)

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